The Ghost Adventures’ crew take on St. Ignatius’ spirits and possibly a demon.

Jamie Wood has been at Palomino's for 11 years, starting out as a dancer but now helps manage the club. On top of her string of bad luck she suspects may be stemming from the club, she suspects that the paranormal occurrences are the reason for the high turnover rate of dancers at the club.
Jamie Wood has been at Palomino's for 11 years, starting out as a dancer but now helps manage the club. On top of her string of bad luck she suspects may be stemming from the club, she suspects that the paranormal occurrences are the reason for the high turnover rate of dancers at the club. /

Ghost Adventures opens Season 19, Episode 2 with a lockdown in St. Ignatius Hospital. There, the daring team challenges numerous spirits and possibly a demon as well.

For the Ghost Adventures’ crew, their latest adventure to investigate paranormal incidents took them to St. Ignatius Hospital. What’s interesting is the storied history of St. Ignatius.

The building itself was first erected in 1893 by the three sisters of charity as a hospital to administer much-needed healthcare to people in the local region.

Later, a nursing school was added as a new addition for the purpose of training new staff.

Unfortunately, the hospital closed its’ doors in 1964 due to there being little use of it. The lack of patients combined with the lack of funding forced the hospital to close in 1964. It reopened as an assisted living facility but was forced to close in 2000.

The hospital had been used for tours by the Colfax Chamber of Commerce off and off since 2015 for the curious about the hospital’s long sordid history, but the tours stopped in 2018.

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Bagans’ begins his narrative interviewing a representative from the Colfax Chamber of Commerce who said that the tours were halted because “a dark entity has taken resident in the building.”

According to a newspaper article from the Spokane Historical Society, tours had stopped because the Chamber of Commerce no longer had a lease to use the building and have been unable to contact the present owner to continue with the tours.

To continue with this episode’s fear factor, the Chamber of Commerce representative being interviewed by Bagans states she refuses to go back inside the building because she was too afraid of the supposed spirits.

Of course, a little fear doesn’t stop the fearless Ghost Adventures team. They enlist the help of the docent who bravely unlocks the door and enters the building to begin their investigation.

While walking through the eerie halls of the hospital the crew discusses some of the hospital’s sad history. One tidbit that was mentioned revealed that thousands died in the hospital – victims of the 1918 Influenza outbreak. It is believed by many historians that World War I was the starting point or entry of the deadly 1918 Influenza pandemic. When over, this deadly strain had killed an estimated 3%-5% of the world’s population.

Washington state fared better than many other of the states with a total death tally of 5,000. Seattle the largest city in Washington state suffered more than 1600 deaths from this flu strain.

The 1950 census has the population of Colfax, Washington at being a little over three thousand people. Being that this was an extremely infectious disease, transporting sick people to this hospital would have been, extremely dangerous to both the patients and the transporters.

Logic would dictate that thousands of people actually dying from influenza in Colfax is slightly exaggerated. Even in 2019, the population for Colfax was only about 2800 people, so thousands dying in the hospital whether by sickness or old age also seems a little on the high side.

Now back to the actual investigation. Given this hospital’s notorious haunted reputation, the crew is smart by stating that they will not split up to do this investigation. However, that decision didn’t last very long.

A couple of dead patients reportedly have aggressive personalities and can be found haunting the hospital. In room 312 we have Michael. He was a wheel bound patient who apparently had anger issues and was abusive to his caretakers.

There have been numerous reports of Michael scratching people reports of hundreds of flies being in his old room. Bagans also interviewed Jeff Gadley, paranormal investigator who believes Michael may have attached himself to the Gadley. The investigator will not go back to the hospital because of Michael’s presence in the building.

Passing room 311, it was discussed that Rose who was an elderly woman with dementia still haunts that room. Like Michael, she is rumored to have a terrible temper as well.

Bagans also captured an “EVP” that appeared to call him by name. Soon after, however, the episode disintegrates into theatrics. A dark presence supposedly exerted influence over the crew causing disorientation and physical ailments. No actual physical evidence captured, but a lot of vocalization about personal experiences and wanting to leave the build immediately.

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During the second day, the team did a scientific investigation using actual equipment to record any paranormal activity. They captured what appears to be a child trying to manifest. They also captured loud noises, personal experiences and a picture of what appears to be a full body apparition.

The Ghost Adventures team captured very interesting physical evidence of the paranormal at the St. Ignatius Hospital that supports the numerous reports issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

Then ruins the physical evidence with the ensuing dramatics that took place afterward. The octopus spirit wrapping its freezing arms around Bagans which causes him to make angry outbursts. Supposedly, the spirit leaves him and enters Billy,  while exerting a dark suppression on the entire team.

After all of that, the team rescinds earlier decision not to split up and Aaron investigates the operating room alone. Of course, Aaron begins to experience physical sickness but bravely tries to continue with the investigation. Soon after, Billy wants to remain alone even after supposedly, the dark entity that attacked Bagan entered him.

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St. Ignatius hospital is genuinely haunted with quite a bit of evidence collected. It has a history that reflects the growth and evolution of the community it was built in. The building is a physical monument representing that history, and because of that, the hospital doesn’t need any theatrics to make it appear haunted. It is haunted.

Do you think the Ghost Adventures crew overdid their personal experiences at St. Ignatius? Let us know in the comments section below.

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(Source: Spokane Historical)