Ancient Aliens: Did Adolf Hitler have alien advisers guiding him?

In Season 2, Episode 5 of Ancient Aliens, the series’ theorists discuss the possibility that Hitler was given help by aliens. If true, this poses even more questions as to why alien advisors would want the world to be plunged into war. Or did they?

During World War II, Germany used advanced technology in their quest for world domination.  Her scientists also almost completed the world’s first atomic bomb, and plans for further weapon development discovered after Germany fell.

The bomb and weapons were unfinished simply because the Germans ran out of time. If they had been able to complete the building of those weapons, that technology would have changed the outcome of the war. The question that still haunts modern-day experts even today is where did Germany get the technology for their weapons?

Writer Jay Van Helsing stated that in 1936, a UFO crashed in the Black forest outside Poland. Shortly, thereafter Hitler’s SS showed up where supposedly the remains of an alien crew were discovered. The crashed remains of the spacecraft and the bodies of the aliens were taken to a German stronghold for further analysis.

Conspiracy theorists state that scientists were able to reverse engineer the alien technology of the ship. One step further, they were able to then take that technology and adapt it to creating modern weaponry that was used in WWII.

However, ancient astronaut theorists on Ancient Aliens believe that advisors close to Hitler were members of a secret society called Vril. The Vril society was created by a group of young beautiful German women whose leader was Maria Oritsch. Oritsch was a Thule medium and she grew her hair long because she stated their hair acted as receivers for messages sent from Aldebaran.

Alderbaran is a solar system located some 68-light years away from Earth. Supposedly, the two inhabited planets were occupied by two different classes of people. The first were masters, White-God like people (Aryans), and the other by different human races.

The so-called master race (See where this is going?) left their home world and settled in the Antarctica and was communicating with Maria through telepathy. She provided the information to Hitler who then built the machines from the diagrams sent to her.

Speculation surrounds Oritsch and her value to Hitler. However, it is well known that Hitler was obsessed by the occult, aliens, myths, and legends. He did have people searching for religious artifacts such as the “Ark of the Covenant,” and the “Holy Grail.” It is also a fact that German mass weapon technology significantly increased in sophistication. In 1940, the prototype for a semi-automatic rifle was created and then in 1944, they created the first mass-produced assault rifle.

Additionally, Germany also built the first jet-powered place as well as experimenting with the first operational flying wing aircraft. They also developed the first cruise missile (V-1) and the first rocket-powered ballistic missiles (V-2). Germany’s scientists were also heading towards being the first to develop the first atomic bomb as well.

What held Hitler back from mass producing these weapons was time and money. If he’d had both, there is no doubt Hitler would have won the war. Yet, it begs the question of how did Germany achieve that level of technology before any other country? Did aliens provide their technology to Hitler?

Ancient astronaut theorists speculated that with Hitler’s obsession with the occult; he may have had his people read India’s ancient Sanskrit texts about the Vimana’s. These texts describe ancient flying machines called Vimana’s and contained diagrams that go into specific detail on how to build these machines. A few surviving pictures of projects Hitler was working on, look a lot like the images in India’s Sanskrit texts.

In summary, ancient astronaut theorists have a lot of circumstantial evidence to support their speculations. Germany did leap forward ahead of the rest of the world in sophisticated and advanced weaponry. However, it could be that his scientists were simply smarter and with his unique method of encouragement, those scientists were able to build weapons more advanced than any other country.

Yet, there are a few events that make one ponder this observation. Oritsch, got messages from the so-called Aryan race relocated in Antarctica. It is interesting to note that the United States launched a full military expedition under Admiral Byrd’s command just a year after the war ended in 1946.

Admiral Byrd is a war hero, and this was supposedly a scientific voyage to do terrain mapping. The expedition called operation ‘High Jump’, consisted of 13 ships, 23 aircraft, and 4,700 men. A slight over kill for a scientific expedition, but not if they were investigating a supposed alien base.

Ancient Aliens’ theorists believe that Germany may have gotten their technological leap through interactions with aliens. If this theory is true, that suggests that the aliens sided with Germany against the world, and that supports Maria’s Oritsch’s communications with the so-called Aryan master race.

What’s terrifying is the thought of aliens directly affecting Earth’s international foreign affairs, going so far as to instigate a world war affecting millions of Earth’s citizens. Maybe that’s why they came to Earth. What do you think?

Do you agree with the theorists that aliens were involved in WWII or do you believe it was that Germany’s scientists were just smarter than everyone else? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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