5 most heartbreaking scenes from Stranger Things

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
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Eleven says “Goodbye Mike”

This wouldn’t be a collection of sad moments from Stranger Things without mentioning this famous heartbreaking moment that closed out season 1. Eleven ended up sacrificing herself for her friends by taking out the dreaded Demogorgon in a Hawkins Middle School classroom.

Eleven and Mike really formed a close relationship in season 1, and I think their bond grew stronger in season 2 even though they didn’t have much contact. Mike was the one who took her in, gave her clean clothes, a bed, and food. She grew to trust him and it’s safe to say their bond grew quickly from friendship to romance (or at least romance for middle schoolers). Throughout their time together, they had made sacrifices for each other and the good of the group.

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In a cute little scene prior to the Demogorgon encounter, Mike had shared with Eleven that she could live at his house and they could go to the Snowball Dance together. Mike shared his feelings without words and the two had a sweet kiss before being ambushed by the Hawkins Lab personnel. The group tried to escape but were surrounded, and Eleven used up a lot of energy taking out most of the agents who were there.

The group got Eleven to a classroom for safety and Mike promised her that she would have a home with his family and that they would go to the Snowball. Right after that, the Demogorgon busted in and Lucas pulled out his handy wrist rocket to try to attack. However, Eleven ended up getting up and threw Mike aside to keep him safe. After approaching the Demogorgon, who was now pinned against the wall, she said “Goodbye Mike”, and took out the Demogorgon, disappearing with it.

Mike called out to Eleven through tears and ended up being reunited with his mother outside who was completely unaware of the heartbreak he had just gone through. Later we even see that Mike still had Eleven’s makeshift bed still set up in his basement.

I know this may have been sad but these are some of the moments that make Stranger Things impactful, emotional, and easy to binge-watch. Of course, there are many more heartbreaking moments throughout the course of seasons 1 and 2. Let us know which moments still break your heart, even through a re-watch!

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