5 most heartbreaking scenes from Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Finding Will’s body in the quarry

In season 1, just when Joyce made contact with Will through the Christmas lights in her home, we see Hopper called over to the quarry for something urgent. When he arrives, there are emergency services everywhere and no one is allowed to get too close to the water. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven follow on their bikes and watch from behind a fire truck.

We see Will’s body being pulled out of the water and taken to shore. Once the gang realizes that it’s Will, Mike lashes out at Eleven claiming that she lied to them about Will being alive and even asks what’s wrong with her for doing that. He leaves the group behind and heads home on his bike. We see Joyce running down the road and meet Jonathan who had been presumably driving over to the quarry and the two embrace in the road.

What really hits home is when Mike gets inside his house crying and is comforted by his mother, Karen. He didn’t have to say what was wrong; Karen just held him as he cried over the devastating news about his best friend.

This one truly makes me cry every time I watch the show. I also love the use of the beautiful cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” by Peter Gabriel. The way Hopper reacts to the body is heartbreaking as well. From what we know about him losing his daughter, Sarah, it’s hard to see Hopper have to endure something like this again.

He had been doing all he could to get to Will and it’s almost as if he thought he failed again, even though both situations were way out of his control. Looking back on this moment after learning even more about Sarah makes it worse, as we find out she had cancer and had passed from it. That’s why I think Hopper needed to save Will just as much as Joyce did. I think this broke both of them and the families of everyone involved.