5 most heartbreaking scenes from Stranger Things

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Bob’s death at Hawkins Lab

We first met Bob at the beginning of season 2 as Joyce’s new love interest, probably to the dismay of many Jopper fans. However, I think Bob was just the guy Joyce needed. He was goofy, likeable, easy to talk to, comforting, and a good fit for someone like Joyce who had gone through a lot of stress in the past year. I think he came in to Joyce’s life at the perfect time.

He even figured out Will’s drawings, concluding that they created a “map” of Hawkins, Indiana. He went with Joyce to the tunnels to save Hopper and volunteered to reset the breakers in Hawkins lab to allow everyone to escape the “demodogs” that were infesting the halls. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what got him killed.

When Bob left the security room of the lab, you can clearly see that he has left his gun behind, which definitely sets him up for trouble. After a few close calls, the job is done and Bob now has to make it to the doors to escape.

Once he gets there, however, he notices Joyce and waits just a second too long as a demodog jumps on top of him and the “pack” of them come attack him. Hopper tries shooting at them from afar, but it does no good. They end up having to leave Bob behind as Joyce screams out for him. We’re left with a pretty gruesome image of Bob being feasted on by the demodogs in the lobby area of the lab.

I still don’t think I’m over Bob’s death (could we do a #justiceforbob?). He was often a comic relief in the season and a genuinely good guy. Finding out he was the founder of the Hawkins A.V. Club later on was just another tugging on the heart-strings. I think Joyce really did love him and the promise of a new life together, even with his crazy idea of moving out of Hawkins. I think what’s noble about his death though is how he sacrificed himself for the good of the team. He was willing to put his life on the line for Joyce and her family.