5 most heartbreaking scenes from Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Benny’s Death

I’m all on board for Team Benny and #justiceforbenny. He was probably the first person to actually help Eleven after she escaped from the lab, and he really only meant the best.

After Eleven snuck into his restaurant, Benny’s Burgers, and stole some fries because she was hungry (the poor thing), Benny caught her and ended up making her a burger. This is actually the first time we get to meet Eleven as well, and we find out through the tattoo on her wrist that her name actually is Eleven. Benny suspects that she may have been kidnapped or abused and ran away from somewhere and calls “social services”.

He later gives Eleven some ice cream (the whole tub, bless him!) and exchanges a sweet smile with her. Soon after, “social services” shows up sooner than he expected and they come in to supposedly help him and Eleven, but they end up shooting Benny and chasing after Eleven, who kills two men and runs away.

Benny’s death really hurts me and I think it was completely unfair. He was the first person to show Eleven any kind of real human compassion and wanted to make sure she got the care she deserved. They weren’t together long but I really love the little relationship they began to form during their short time together.

Eleven’s face when she sees Benny get shot really gets to me too. No child should have to endure something like that, especially something that affects a sort of realistic father-figure or at least an honest, kind person in their life. I guess it just goes to show that there really isn’t any stopping Hawkins Lab personnel. It affirms the lengths that they are willing to go to get Eleven back and keep their secrets concealed.