5 most heartbreaking scenes from Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Barb’s disappearance at Steve’s pool

We didn’t get to see Barbara or just “Barb” that much in season 1, but I think I can say that most fans were devastated to see her just sent away and left alone at Steve’s pool. She just wanted the best for Nancy, and probably didn’t think Nancy was really thinking about what she was doing.

This happened in season 1 after Barb was told to go home and sat by herself at the pool, Nancy went up to Steve’s room and they ended up sleeping together. Meanwhile, Barb was at the edge of the pool, fiddling with her hand where she had a bandage from cutting herself on a beer can. Jonathan had been hiding in the bushes nearby and ended up capturing what would be the last picture taken of Barb.

After snapping a photo, he looked back and she was gone, just like that. Just before her disappearance, a drop of blood had fallen into the pool and we heard the same sound from what presumably took Will from earlier in the season.

Actually, the next episode opens up with Barb in the upside down calling out for Nancy. However, Nancy is upstairs with Steve and with no chance of actually hearing Barb. Eventually, Barb gets pulled into the pool in the upside down.

While it’s not actually confirmed that she is dead here, I think what makes this heartbreaking is how Nancy chooses Steve over her best friend and how Barb calls out begging for Nancy in an unfamiliar and scary place.

This could also be connected to a moment later in the season when Eleven travels into the void through a sensory deprivation tank made in the Hawkins Middle School gym and confirms Barb’s death to Nancy. Out of this grew one of the best and most widespread TV show movements of all time: #justiceforbarb, am I right? At least we got some sort of closure for her family in season 2.