Stranger Things 3: How much time has passed since last season?

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

How big is the time jump from Stranger Things 2 to Stranger Things 3? It looks like the new season starts about half a year after the events of last season.

Stranger Things 3 is right around the corner! Many fans are interested in finding out how long after Stranger Things 2 does the new season begin.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact answer to that yet, but Netflix has painted a pretty clear picture for fans. The Duffer Brothers already confirmed a time jump between the second and third season, and everything we have seen so far in trailers, teasers, posters, and images confirms that news.

There was a time jump of roughly one year between the first and second season of the series. Stranger Things kicks off on Nov. 6, 1983, and the first season spans a couple of weeks of time.

Stranger Things 2 begins just before Halloween 1984, and it continues through the Snow Ball at Hawkins Middle School in December 1984.

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We don’t know the exact date Stranger Things 3 begins. It has not been announced so far, but we know the series is set in the summer of 1985. Netflix, the cast and creators shared that pretty early on after Stranger Things 2. And, they’ve been teasing it as the “summer of love.” That, again, confirms it takes place during the summer.

Doing some mental math, it looks like there’s a time jump of about six or seven months. Stranger Things 3, from the trailer, takes place on or around the Fourth of July, and that’s the date it’s getting released, so it makes sense.

What has happened when we’ve been away from the characters? We have no idea, unfortunately. The last shot of Stranger Things 2 is the Mind Flayer looming around Hawkins Middle School but in the Upside Down.

Summer looks like the perfect time for a new season of this series. There are so many good movies set during the summer, and I think the Duffer Brothers will pull from those great movies a little bit for more style and flair in the new season.

There’s something great about the kids being out of school that adds another dynamic to this series. Yes, they were able to skip school in the past, but there’s something magical about summer, especially when these characters can do whatever they want pretty much all the time and no one cares, except Joyce.

How excited are you to see the Hawkins Heroes messing around during the summer in the new season? Let us know in the comments below!

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