Stranger Things 3 and the 10 best new shows to watch on Netflix in July 2019

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Wentworth season 7 - New on Netflix
GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – JULY 01: Wentworth crew pose with the award for most popular drama at the 60th Annual Logie Awards at The Star Gold Coast on July 1, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images) /

7. Wentworth

Season: 7

Created By: Lara Radulovich, David Hannam, and Reg Watson

Starring: Leah Purcell, Celia Ireland, Katrina Milosevic, Robbie J. Magasiva, Tammy Macintsoh, Kate Jenkinson, Bernard Curry, Rarriwuy Hick, Susie Porter, Kate Atkinson

Release Date: Wednesday, July 31

It’s no secret that on top of the never-ending stream of television series being broadcast in the United States, we still love to add other countries’ offerings to our full plate.

What’s better than binge-watching every new original series Netflix pumps out throughout the year? Binge-watching every series Netflix acquired throughout the year, too. Someday the era of too much TV will slow down, but luckily for your watch list, that day will not happen in July.

Serving as a modern reimagining of the 1980s Australian soap opera Prisoner, Wentworth originally centered on a character’s rise through the prison hierarchy. However, after that character departed, the series took on a more ensemble format. In season 7, the Joan Ferguson case has been presumed closed, and a trio of characters have been seemingly let off the hook. But Liz’s on-set of dementia and Boomer’s broken family make for a season full of poignant drama.

Ahead of its sixth season premiere, Wentworth landed a seventh season order. The series’ luck continued when it received an additional order for 20 more episodes, to be distributed in 2020 and 2021.

If you’re a diehard fan of Wentworth, consider yourself set for the next three years. While the series hasn’t had its breakout moment in the states (yet), it’s one of the leading series in Australia. Before the 10-episode seventh season makes its Netflix debut on the last day of July, it’s not too late to binge-watch the 70 episodes of the first six seasons. You’ve got time.