You can watch The Office 182 times before it leaves Netflix

The Office is leaving Netflix in January 2021. You can watch the series more than 100 times before it leaves the streaming service.

The Office fans who watch on Netflix had their worst nightmare come true. The Office is leaving Netflix in January 2021, according to Netflix.

NBC is taking The Office off the streaming service and adding all nine seasons of the hit series to their upcoming, soon-to-be-launched streaming service. If you want to continue watching the series, you’ll have to get the new NBC streaming service when it launches. It’s rumored to be free, but that means it will likely have commercials.

So, you’re probably wondering how many times you can watch The Office before it leaves Netflix? Well, we figured it out for you.

If you start watching today, June 26, you can watch The Office 182 times on Netflix before it leaves Netflix.

According to a report from Binge Clock, there are basically 73 hours of content in all nine seasons of the series. There are 555 days, or 13,320 hours, until The Office leaves Netflix on Jan. 1, 2021. And, that’s how you get to 182 times!

You have virtually no room to do anything else if you want to watch the series 182 times before it leaves the streaming service, though. You’ll need to, probably, quit your job and all other responsibilities, lose touch with all your friends and family, and figure out a system where all your food and necessities are delivered to you, so you don’t have to miss a second of the series.

But, you can watch it a few more times if you stop when the series started to stumble, which was at the end of season 7 when Michael Scott moved to Colorado to be with Holly. Steve Carell left the series, and it took the show a while to figure itself out. There were only a few good episodes over the last two seasons heading into the series finale, which was a good way to end the series.

I’ll probably watch The Office about a dozen more times on Netflix before the series leaves. It’s my favorite show!

Will you be watching the series again before it leaves Netflix? Let us know how many times you will watch before it leaves the streaming service!

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