Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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Eleven flips a van with her mind

The beginning of the penultimate episode in season 1 sees our group of friends now reunited with Lucas and literally on the run from government agents trying to put Eleven back into captivity.

At this point, it’s literally life or death for our group, and throughout the course of the season as we’ve fallen in love with these characters, the tension has also grown. We don’t want to see anything bad happen to these kids. Of course, the chase scene that sees the kids on bikes and the agents pursuing them in vans is a nail-biter.

The exciting scene climaxes in a show-stopping moment when the kids are stuck between the vans behind them and one in front, literally between a rock and a hard place. We are given a flash of hope as we see Eleven begin to concentrate, and suddenly, the van in front of them flips into the air in slow motion before crashing behind them blocking the path of the other trucks and the group is safe…momentarily.

This specific moment is not only stunning, in an exciting, action-packed sort of way, but it is also the culmination of how far the boys are willing to go for their new friend. They are literally putting their lives on the line because, by this point, they know that Eleven would do the same for them.

This moment is also a showcase of Eleven’s powers. Prior to this, we have seen her levitate people, smash them into walls and break down doors, but flipping a two-ton van is something else.

It is just a glimpse into the extent of Eleven’s powers that we will see her display later in the show.