Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Eleven saves Mike and Dustin from the bullies

Remember a couple slides ago when I said Troy the bully would return? Well, here he does and with a vengeance.

After Eleven disappears and Lucas abandons the group, Mike and Dustin go out searching for their  friend and instead find Troy, still angry from the events at the assembly.

Taking his bullying to the next level, he holds Dustin at knife-point and demands that Mike make a suicidal jump off a cliff into the lake below. This vicious act takes Troy to the next level of the bully category and establishes him as a dangerous, real threat. Mike makes the jump but is stopped midair and returned safely to the ground by Eleven, who is revealed to be levitating Mike. Eleven quickly dispatches the bullies.

Once again, Eleven shows her heroic side in saving her friends and getting rid of the bullies. It’s clear by this point in the first season that Eleven is on the boys’ side and is a friend to be trusted and cared for. This act of heroism cements Eleven not only in the boys’ minds but in the minds of the viewers as a true agent for good and someone who will not hesitate to protect those who are more vulnerable than her despite all the traumatic things that she has been through in her life.

After this act of heroism, Eleven breaks down to Mike and reveals that it’s her fault the Demogorgon escaped the lab, even going as far as calling herself a monster for all the harm she has indirectly caused. Mike assures her that she is not a monster but a hero and a friend, and together, the three embrace.

This scene also gives us the awesome Dustin line: “She’s our friend and she’s CRAZY!”