Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
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Eleven’s first makeover

When this specific moment occurs in the first season, Eleven has been with the boys for a little while now, hiding out in Mike’s house with the hope that she can somehow lead the boys to their lost friend Will.

The boys realize that they need to get Eleven to a stronger receptor for her powers to reach Will, and they need to sneak her into the school. She certainly can’t go in looking like she did, so you know what that means: MAKEOVER!

While it’s not the last time Eleven will get a makeover in the series, this one is important for a few reasons. First, the look the boys give Eleven is that of a classically “pretty” girl. It says more about the boys and their idea of what beauty means during the 1980s than it actually does about Eleven.

The makeover is also important because it’s the first time that Eleven really takes a look at herself in the mirror and forms an identity. Before this moment, her identity had always been defined by others. Even her name was forced upon her and isn’t who she truly is. When she looks at herself in the mirror and calls herself pretty, it is the first time Eleven is really looking at herself as her own individual and ascribing value to herself.

It is also obviously important because this scene is the beginning of Mike and Eleven’s relationship. Mike clearly takes a fancy to her, and she may or may not appreciate the positive attention she is getting for once.

The dress and wig she is given in this scene define her look for a good part of the season, and the blond hair and pink dress will forever be associated with the girl with powers. In a show full of iconic looking characters from Hopper, Dustin and the Demogorgon, Eleven in her dress and wig are certainly part of that pantheon.