Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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Eleven closes the gate on the Mindflayer

Just like how season 1 had the Demogorgon for Eleven to have a final duel with, season 2 ended with Eleven dueling with the Mindflayer.

The danger involved and sheer power of the Mindflayer is much greater than one demogorgon, and despite all of Eleven’s power, all she can hope to do is to close the gate on the villain and deny it entrance into our world.

The battle definitely does not disappoint. The stakes and therefore the tension are amped up to 11,  and it takes all the power she can muster to do battle with this creature from the Upside Down.

During this battle, we get the sense that everything Eleven has learned and gone through this season (coming into her own person, learning to control her anger and battling for those who matter to her) will need to be touched on in order to defeat the Mindflayer.

The battle is so intense that Eleven’s classic nosebleed comes, and she even lifts off the ground. There is a moment when we don’t know which of the two will come out on top, but eventually, Eleven does just that and triumphantly closes the gate on the Mindflayer.

Despite this huge success which is the culmination of Eleven’s journey in this season, the show still shows us the power of the Mindflayer by suggesting we haven’t seen the last of it.