Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

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We find out Eleven is still alive

After waiting over a year for Stranger Things to return to Netflix with season 3, the loss of Eleven was definitely being felt. She was the star character of the hit show that had people around the world talking about it. One of the main points of that conversation was whether or not Eleven was really dead or if she would come back.

The first season ended with a hint at Eleven’s return, with Hopper putting Eggos down in the woods, but the final trailer for season 2 did indeed confirm that the hero would return.

While the trailer spoiling this reveal did kind of suck (it probably would have been more impactful if we saw Eleven return as we were watching the first episode of season 2), it was exciting to see Eleven back, older and with a new haircut!

When we all sat down to watch the first episode of season 2 and it ended with the reveal that Eleven is indeed back, that she has been living with Hopper out in woods in a small cabin and that she is wanting to return to Mike and the gang, it was absolutely a cheer-worthy moment.

Not to mention that this moment also set up a great almost father/daughter dynamic with Hopper (that we will talk more about later) that will be more deeply examined in the next few episodes.