Stranger Things: 15 best Eleven moments in the series so far

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Counting down the best moments from everyone’s favorite telekinetic teenager Eleven in the first two seasons of Stranger Things.


With the release of Stranger Things 3 only a few weeks away, fans will soon be reunited with all their favorite characters from Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Hopper, Joyce and many more. But perhaps the most important character in the whole series is Eleven.

From the very first episode, the entire mystery of the show revolves around her character. Who she is, what connection she has to the creepy underground lab, why is she dressed in only a hospital gown, why doesn’t she talk? Over the course of the season we learn the answers to these questions and in the process get to know Eleven’s character as well.

We learn that she was taken from her mother before she even knew her, that she can talk but has experienced some traumatic things at the hands of the U.S. government, and that she has telekinetic powers that can be used both for good and bad means.

We also learn that she is just a little girl (at least in season 1) who is lost, alone and needs some friends, which is exactly what she finds. We learn that despite everything that’s been done to her she is a strong, powerful teenager who often takes matters into her own hands.

Over the course of two seasons, audiences have fallen in love with the girl named after a number. Audiences have become her friends as much as the boys have and have loved her as much as Hopper does so in celebration of her return next month let’s recap in no particular order our favorite Eleven from the past two seasons of Stranger Things.