Scream: Resurrection premieres on VH1 in July: Ghostface is back

Scream: Resurrection premieres on VH1 in July. The full season will be released over three nights in a special TV event.

Ghostface is back! After nearly a three-year wait, Scream is finally returning and moving to VH1. And it’s bringing the iconic Ghostface voice (Roger Jackson) and mask from the hit film series with it.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Scream: Resurrection premieres on Monday, July 8 only on VH1. The six-episode season will air two episodes each night starting Monday and ending on Wednesday, July 10.

The third season, now titled Scream: Resurrection, stars RJ Cyler (Power Rangers) as Deion Elliot, a local football star with a haunting past that threatens his future and others around him, according to the report.

The Hollywood Reporter is also reporting Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer, Tyga, and Jackson will be starring in the new season. The series will also be produced by Queen Latifah.

Fans of the franchise will no doubt remember being disappointed when Scream: The TV Series debuted back in 2015, and the iconic mask was nowhere to be found.

Despite initial fan disappointment and mixed critical reviews, the first season was a rating success for MTV, and it was quickly picked up for a second season in July of 2015. Season 2 debuted less than a year later in May of 2016 to improved critic reviews, but declining ratings.

Still pleased with the show’s performance, MTV greenlit a Halloween Special that aired on October 18th, 2016, and announced the third season that same week. It turned out that even with a third season renewal, the Halloween special would be the last time we saw the Lakewood cast.

The first two seasons follow Emma Duval (played by Willa Fitzgerald) as teenager stalked by a masked killer, who has links to Lakewood’s past. Both seasons of Scream: The TV Series and Wes Craven’s original slasher masterpiece Scream are currently streaming on Netflix.

It’s unclear if the series will be added to Netflix like the first two seasons. We’re expecting the new season will be released on the streaming service, but that has not been confirmed yet.

Stay tuned for more news about the new seasons of the series!

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