30 best Netflix movies to watch this summer

Always Be My Maybe - Credit: Ed Araquel / Netflix
Always Be My Maybe - Credit: Ed Araquel / Netflix /
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See You Yesterday - Netflix movie
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4. See You Yesterday

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Year: 2019

Directed By: Stefon Bristol

Cast: Eden Duncan-Smith, Danté Crichlow, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Johnathan Nieves, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Wavyy Jonez, Rayshawn Richardson, Ron Bobb-Semple, Brian “Stro” Bradley, Michael J. Fox

See You Yesterday is a recent sci-fi original film released by Netflix. The movie was produced by Spike Lee and written by Stefon Bristol. The sci-fi tale is also Bristol’s directorial debut. Filming took place throughout Queen and Brooklyn.

The movie follows teenage science prodigies that use their genius minds to create time machines. They somehow try to invent backpacks that allow time travel. When one of their older brothers is killed, they use the unfinished machine to travel back in time to prevent his death. Of course, by changing the past, they must face the consequences caused by altering the timeline. The movie plays like an adventure film but it also contains important social commentary and discussions about grief.

Many viewers and critics have praised the performances by breakout stars Duncan-Smith and Crichlow. As a nod to the beloved time travel movie, Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox has a small part in the film. He plays the science teacher of the two teens.