The Ranch Part 7: Will the Netflix series show the effects of the trade war?

The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix
The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix /

The Netflix original show The Ranch has taken on current event issues with ranchers today, and in their final season, it may be a dramatic finish.

The Netflix original show The Ranch has pushed the bounds with a history of using social and environmental issues as the focus of their struggles as ranchers.

The Bennetts ran into issues with the policy under the Obama administration with roadblocks that prevented them from them maintaining their ranch. The most unpopular financial policies were on full display and kept Beau, Colt, and Rooster at odds for what to do next. It forced them to dig deep as a family while having disagreements on how to even run their ranch.

They made it no secret that they were not the biggest fans of President Obama, but they were even less of a fan of struggling financially and seeing their ranch on the brink of failing because of the policies.

They later had problems holding it together as their land was threatened by the wildfire later in the season. A major environmental issue that has legitimately hurt the United States frequently.

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The family became closer than ever after the events and looked out for each other in the aftermath of the catastrophe. Things seemed to be getting better gradually as Colt and Abby seemed to be on the right track, but nothing is ever that easy.

The Bennett’s pulling together after almost losing everything was a great moment, but shortlived with Rooster once again. Nothing is ever easy even when it seems like everything is going right.

Later, they lost Rooster and are still suffering the effects with Colt and Abby struggling. Beau is also left with an important decision that may change everything. If The Ranch continues down the route of real-life issues, it may be time to see the effects of the current trade war.

Beau has contemplated giving the ranch up many times, and this time if the series continues to use real issues, this may push the Bennett family to breaking point. With everything that has happened with the family, adding the element of a trade war may be something they can’t escape or work around.

If they continue to focus on issues that surround society in the final season, the Bennett family may be in for a harder and rocky road. We will see if they take this route when The Ranch comes back on Netflix for what is sure to be an emotional season coming soon.

We’ll let you know the release date of The Ranch Part 7 when we find out!

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