5 good Netflix movies to watch: Beats, Adam DeVine special and more

A list of 5 good Netflix movies to watch this weekend, including new Netflix originals like Beats and Adam DeVine: The Best Time of Our Lives.

Unsure about what to watch this weekend? Look no further than your handy Netflix subscription! The streaming service has plenty of great new specials and movies to entertain you.

Here, we’ve broken down five fun Netflix movies you should definitely check out.

Let’s jump right in with a Netflix original movie!


This newest original stars Black-ish leading man Anthony Anderson as an inner city school security guard/ music manager who takes a prodigy under his wing. It looks powerful, dramatic and incredibly timely. Check out the promising first trailer below!

Adam DeVine: The Best Time of Our Lives

Just need a good laugh? Former Workaholics funny man Adam DeVine returns to his hometown in this raunchy stand-up special. The Best Time of Our Lives is perfect for all those fans who missed his unique brand of slacker comedy.

The Phantom of the Opera

Lovers of musicals will rejoice in catching The Phantom of the Opera on Netflix. This 2004 adaptation of the hit stage show is packed full of romance and drama. Gerard Butler and Shameless’ Emmy Rossum star.


Fans of classic horror will definitely want to watch this 2013 remake of one of author Stephen King’s most infamous scary stories. Actress Chloe Grace Moretz stars as the troubled teen who is looking to get a little paranormal revenge on her cruel classmates.

Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers might not be the most refined movie on this list, but it’s a bonafide cult classic! In this 1998 action comedy, a young boy must defend his neighborhood after purchasing toys that have been outfitted with military microchips and are now engaged in battle with a rival toy group.

So what new movie will you be watching on Netflix this weekend? Let us know which is your favorite flick in the comments!