Stranger Things: 5 best Steve moments from seasons 1 and 2

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Steve fights the Demo-creatures

Steve’s fight with the Demogorgon in season 1 was epic! The sequence was well scripted and shot, and so visually appealing. The flickering lights while the trio was fighting the Demogorgon heightened the danger and made the fight look way more interesting.

Steve was brave enough to come back and not leave Nancy and Jonathan on their own and beat up the Demogorgon using his baseball bat with the nails. Doing the little flip with the bat made him look so cool.

He proved his bravery again in the second season when he, Dustin, Max and Lucas were in the junkyard, hiding out in the abandoned bus. Dart wouldn’t take the bait Steve and Dustin put out for him, so Steve decided to go out to lure the Upside Down creature.

But it turns out there were other Demodogs, and he fought them off a bit as he was trying to get back to the bus, did a car flip because that’s what you do when creatures are trying to kill you and protected the kids before the Demodogs were called back to Hawkins Lab. As Dustin said in that scene, Steve is awesome!

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Steve fights Billy

Even though Steve didn’t really win the fight with Billy and it was thanks to Max that he was stopped, we all know Steve is a great fighter, and hey, his parental instincts kicked in. He was trying to protect them and I loved the kids cheering him on in the background.

The car scene where Steve wakes up and finds Max driving is one of the funniest moments on the show and provided the scene with comic relief. Keery played Steve freaking out while trying to wake up from the haze of unconsciousness so well!

Steve tries to control his kids

Mom was putting her foot down asking the kids, “I said does everybody understand that?” The kids figure out a plan to help lure the Demodogs away from the lab and bring them to the tunnels for Eleven and Hopper’s safety.

Steve tries to put his foot down and tells them it’s not happening and they’re staying on the bench because he’s responsible for keeping them safe. The way he was speaking to the kids was like a parent scolding their child and the Duffer brothers are really good at moving the plot along, while making it realistic and adding a bit of comedy.

What do you think are Steve’s best moments? I’m sure we’ll have more come July 4!

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