5 best Will moments so far in Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

4. Will’s seizure at the tunnels

Episode: “Chapter Five: Dig Dug” (Season 2) 

While this particular moment closes out this episode, it’s what happens leading up to it that makes it a truly phenomenal and terrifying episode closer. We learn that Hopper has become trapped somewhere while investigating what he thought were “vines” from Will’s drawing and that Will seems to think Hopper is in great danger.

After Joyce summons Bob Newby for help deciphering Will’s drawings, the group discovers that Will has drawn a series of tunnels that serve as a parallel to a map of Hawkins, Indiana.

Joyce, Bob, Will, and Mike use this discovery to track down Hopper’s approximate whereabouts and Joyce and Bob lower themselves down into the tunnels to search for him. However, they are forced to return to the surface soon after they rescue Hopper, as a team from Hawkins Lab arrives and uses flamethrowers to set fire to the tunnels and burn them up inside.

This causes Will to fall to the ground and unexpectedly seize and convulse. What really sells this moment for me is Noah Schnapp’s incredible acting. There’s no doubt that Will is possessed and is in serious pain. In fact, the following episode even opens up with Will being rushed to the hospital for burns that don’t even really exist on his body.

This is not only an intense closer and cliffhanger for the episode, but it serves as a development in the show. The group now realizes that perhaps Will is a part of the tunnels and of the upside down and that it cannot just be simply burned away. However, this isn’t the first evidence we have of Will being “connected” to the upside down still.