5 best Will moments so far in Stranger Things

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

5. Kidnapped by the Demogorgon

Episode: “Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers” (Season 1)

The season opener introduces us to the group of boys by giving us a look into their 10-plus hour game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Within the game, Mike announces that the Demogorgon has come to terrorize them. In a panic, Will decides to risk it and “fireball” the Demogorgon, but the boys lose sight of the die before they can see what Will rolled. As the boys are sent home for the night, Will shares with Mike that he had rolled a seven and that he was caught by the Demogorgon (some nice foreshadowing there?).

There’s nothing scarier than coming almost face to face with someone (or something) scary on your way home at night, and what makes this moment special is how Noah Schnapp really sells this fear and terror as he encounters the Demogorgon on his bike ride home from Mike’s house. Will runs back to his house to find no one home, and sees the unknown monster pass by the door as he fumbles with the home phone trying to call his mom or Jonathan.

Will continues to run to the backyard shed and shuts the door. Knowing that the monster could be there any second, he hurriedly shoves bullets into a gun, getting ready to shoot. It’s really the terror on his face that sells this moment. We haven’t even known Will for that long at this point, and the thought of him getting killed or kidnapped so early in the show is simply unthinkable.

In just a snap of your fingers however, Will disappears into the light of the single lightbulb that hangs in the shed with no explanation.