Stranger Things: 5 best Dustin moments so far

Stranger Things- Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things- Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Dustin accepts Eleven

Since the boys found Eleven, Mike was the most welcoming and Dustin wasn’t as suspicious of her like Lucas. But I think the part when Eleven saves Mike and Dustin from the bullies at the cliff and Dustin yells at them, “she’s our friend and she’s crazy” is the scene where we really see him accept her as part of the group. And the group hug at the end of the scene gets me every time.

All these kids are brave and devoted to each other, Mike jumped off the cliff to save Dustin. We’ve seen it multiple times. And Dustin’s bravery also shows in this scene. Even with a knife to his throat, he takes a jab at Troy saying “our friend has superpowers and she squeezed your tiny bladder with her mind.” He was obviously scared, but he wasn’t going to go down quietly.

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Dustin needs his chocolate pudding

After Eleven comes out of the sensory deprivation pool they make at the school gym, the kids are asked to wait at the school while Hopper and Joyce go to Hawkins Lab and Nancy and Jonathan sneak back to his house to lure the Demogorgon.

Now there are much more important things to be thinking about during this time, but of course, Dustin remembers the chocolate pudding he can now get his hands on since they’re in the school after hours. The boy is on a mission and succeeds, finding his precious chocolate pudding that the mean lunch lady has hoarded away from them.

And when he says “El needs to be recharged,” we all know he cares about Eleven’s well-being, but it was he who desperately needed the chocolate pudding.

Dustin gets Steve to help him

When Dustin goes searching for his friends and gets to Mike’s house, he isn’t there and tells Ted he really is no help (which I think we can all agree on). As he’s leaving he finds Steve there wanting to win Nancy back (sigh, poor Steve. But we can talk about him later).

Since Dustin can’t find any of his friends, he takes the next best choice and pretty much ropes Steve into helping him with no explanation. This scene is small and may not be a big deal, but I love it because it’s the starting point of the bromance between Dustin and Steve and the creation of our favorite parent on the show, Mom (or Dad depending on how you like to call it) Steve.

These are only a few of the best Dustin moments; there are too many to choose from! What do you think are Dustin’s best moments? 

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