Stranger Things: 5 best Dustin moments so far

Stranger Things- Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things- Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things has so many great characters, and Dustin is definitely a fan favorite. With Stranger Things 3 fast approaching, let’s take a look back at 5 best Dustin moments.

Stranger Thingsis only two weeks away, and my excitement for the new season grows each day, I’m sure I’m not alone! The showrunners have done such a great job of creating characters with fleshed out personalities that help us connect to them and feel invested in following their journeys.

Eleven is my favorite character, but there are so many others to love as well. Dustin Henderson definitely comes in second for me. He’s smart, has a bit of a goofy personality that is charming, sarcastic, usually the mediator between his friends, and even though his friends don’t feel the same, we can’t help resist his pearls.

He’s such a fun character with so many great scenes. With Stranger Things 3 fast approaching, let’s take a look back at 5 best Dustin moments from Stranger Things.

Dustin traps Dart

One of my favorite scenes is when Dustin is able to trap Dart in the storm cellar. He realizes that his Upside Down friend may not be the safest pet to have after Dustin finds him eating his cat, Mews. I love the friendship in the show and seeing the whole group together, but sometimes it’s also nice to see individual characters on their own and this sequence was so fun for Dustin.

From dressing up in safety gear, placing bait to get Dart out and then finally getting the courage to throw him into the storm cellar with his hockey stick. Dustin yelled so loud that it scared Dart! His plan shows how smart and brave he is.

With the music in the scene as well, it gave Dustin a sort of dramatic “action” moment that was entertaining to watch.

Dustin says goodbye to Dart

Even though it wasn’t the best decision on Dustin’s part to take in the baby Demogorgon, he felt a connection with the weird creature and it seems even when he grew into a Demogorgon, Dart liked Dustin too.

If there’s one good thing about their friendship, it’s that Dustin, Steve, Mike, Lucas and Max were able to pass through the tunnels unharmed.

Dart is probably the creepiest and most dangerous pet to have, but with that scene, you couldn’t help but feel happy for Dustin that he at least got to say goodbye to his buddy and share one last Three Musketeers with him.