Why The Ranch is ending after four seasons at Netflix

The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix
The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix /

Netflix just announced the end of The Ranch after season 4. We shared a few thoughts about why The Ranch is ending at Netflix.

The Ranch is ending after season 4 at Netflix. There are still 20 more episodes of the series on the way with Part 7 and Part 8 coming to the streaming service over the next year.

Ashton Kutcher announced the show’s end on Twitter recently, and since then, fans have been asking why the series is ending at Netflix. We wanted to share a few theories we have as to why The Ranch is ending at Netflix.

There are rumors the cast and producers were willing to make a fifth season of the series, but Netflix decided to end the show with season 4. We don’t know how true that is, but that’s one of the rumors floating around about the series.

In the last year or so, Netflix has been ending and canceling some of their original shows after three or four seasons. Even shows with large fanbases like Daredevil and Santa Clarita Diet have been canceled. Other shows with giant fanbases like Lucifer, Fuller House and are getting one more season before they end on the streaming network. The Ranch falls into that second group.

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We’ve seen three good seasons of the series so far, but clearly, Netflix sees this as the end. And, that’s likely because, as a show goes on, it’s much harder to get viewers to start watching at the beginning. Viewers fall behind and then never catch up. That’s likely why The Ranch is ending after season 4.

There are other factors, probably, involved, too. The Ranch has undergone some changes recently. Danny Masterson was fired from the series after an investigation into sexual assault allegations. Many fans publicly complained about Netflix’s decision and claimed to boycott the series. Who knows if that actually made any difference in the ratings? Netflix has not made any announcement.

The Ranch added Dax Shepard in the second half of season 3, and while he was a welcome addition, some thought the show has gotten a little too dark. It’s possible that could be negatively affecting viewership, as well.

Additionally, Netflix might be leaning toward ending their shows when the story is nearing the end rather than stretching out shows for a long time just because. It’s definitely how they seem to be proceeding with Stranger Things, and maybe that’s what they are thinking with a show like The Ranch. 

Netflix has not announced the release date for The Ranch Part 7 on Netflix. We know the new episodes are coming to Netflix sometime this year.  Part 8 is scheduled to be released on Netflix in 2020.

What do you think of The Ranch ending on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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