Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Erica: Fashion Designer

If and only if Erica doesn’t become the first female President of the United States, she will become a fashion designer.

While Stranger Things is not a show known for the style of its characters, Erica is the one with the best clothes and overall look. We may have only seen her in season 2 annoying (“helping”) Lucas, but she has looked cute in every scene. She will take those skills and set the latest trends with her own line of clothes.

She rocks a lot of blue and pink in the show as well as plenty of hearts and that could be a part of her premiere line. But just because she’s a fashion designer doesn’t mean she won’t use her sleuthing skills. She hasn’t broken into her brother’s room for nothing.

Before the release of her new designs, everyone will try to catch a peak before it’s shown on the runway. But Erica will have none of that (her brother is a spy after all.) She will ensure her designs stay a secret until the very last moment when they are revealed to her adoring fans.

She’ll also bring her signature sassiness to the interviews she does before and after her runway shows as well. Her signature phrase will be “just the facts” when she ends up saying something that might be a little controversial.

She allows her brother to come to her shows but only so she can make fun of what he’s wearing and call him out for his nerdiness, just like old times.

As for the new season, it will definitely be interesting to see what Erica wears and says. Based on pictures, it looks like she can even look cute when crawling through a tunnel.

She’s also supposed to be a more prominent character this season (thank goodness!), and if nothing else, she is sure to keep Lucas on his toes.