Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Billy: Prison Guard

If Billy doesn’t end up in prison for the rest of his life, he’ll probably get a job that allows him to have power over other people and that could easily translate into being a prison guard. He’ll end up in prison one way or another. Only time will tell whether it’s as an inmate or as a guard.

Based on what we’ve seen of his character in season 2, he likes to have power over others to hide the fact that he feels weak and powerless over other parts of his life.

Sure, he could turn his life around and become a great guy, but so far, that does not look like the route he’s going to take. He has hurt and abused his step-sister, Max, almost beat Steve to death, and tried going after Lucas multiple times. None of this screams well-adjusted, and unfortunately, the best people don’t always end up working in the prison system.

His ultimate nemesis will end up being Hopper. The Sheriff will see how he acts and what he’s doing and slyly try to knock him down a peg while protecting the prisoners in the Hawkins prison as best he can. Billy will seethe with anger, but because Hopper outranks him, there will nothing he can do about it.

He’ll dislike most of the inmates he has in his “care”,  but there will also be a few he’ll befriend and use for his own gain. They may be the same few people who are friends with him now.

Unless something huge happens in season 3 that changes his fate and his attitude entirely, he’ll most likely end up in prison for a crime but by chance he doesn’t, it will be a job that provides him with enough power to feel important.