Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Steve: “Cool” Teacher

Steve Harrington’s whole aura screams “cool” teacher. While he might have been the most popular guy in school and a bully at the beginning of season 1, once he got in on the Demogorgon fighting and was charged with watching the kids, it became clear he’s a little boy at heart.

And based on the trailer for season 3, that doesn’t seem to have changed one bit. Now he’s working at an ice cream shop, but his silliness has not chilled whatsoever. He’s shown play-fighting with fake lightsabers with Dustin.

If that doesn’t scream, “I’m good with kids and like to spend time with them,” what does?

This shows what a brilliant teacher he would be. He’d have corny jokes at the ready but also find fun ways to teach the more boring subjects. He’d either teach history or English and wow his class with tales of his heroism fighting the monsters of the town as if he didn’t scream and run the first time he saw the Demogorgon.

He will be one of those teachers who dress up on Halloween or when the class is learning something that calls for it. He would totally dress up as Abe Lincoln to teach about it.

But he would also be there if any of his students need to talk. He’s done so with Dustin and that doesn’t seem to be changing. He’s good at caring for people despite his “cool” act and the kids in his class would see that.

While some of the other kids in Hawkins may leave for bigger and better things, Steve will stay and start a family, and it won’t be with Nancy. She has ambitions beyond Hawkins and while Steve will always love her in some way, he will let her go.

And besides becoming the “cool” teacher of Hawkins High, he will also go to his grave with the best hair in town.