Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Eleven: Superhero

While she may or may not adopt a spandex suit, Eleven will become the superhero the world needs. She’ll use her powers to protect those in danger and punish those who are trying to hurt the defenseless.

We even see some of this behavior in the show. She helps Mike and his friends countless times when they need her and most of the time it either gives her a nosebleed, causes her to live her past trauma or makes her pass out entirely. And yet, she still does it.

But that’s not the only time she showed her superhero skills. When she left Hawkins and met up with her sister, Kali aka Eight, she joined Kali’s gang to try to right the injustices that had been done to them. And when she realizes that some of the people they’re hurting don’t deserve it, she leaves the gang immediately. That is hero behavior right there!

She fights for herself and fights for those who don’t have the power to protect themselves. In one of the best scenes of the show, she threw a moving van and saved her friends from being captured.

She may not like what happened to her or like that she has these powers as a result, but she accepts them and uses them for good as much as she can.

Also, Eleven already has an amazing origin story, knows the difference between right and wrong, and she was even willing to sacrifice herself so the rest of the town could survive.

She could be an Avenger in a minute and be on par with Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange (in terms of power). She’d have no problem beating Thanos.

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