Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Nancy: Journalist

Speaking of the news and journalism, Nancy would make the perfect journalist. As we saw her do with Jonathan in season 2, she has no problem going wherever she needs to go to find the truth. The girl went into the Upside-Down in season 1 to try to find her friend. That’s some courage.

When she smells that something is up, she will do everything she can to find what the real story is. Isn’t that was a journalist is supposed to do?

While working with Jonathan, they were able to expose some of the secrets behind the Hawkins National Laboratory and free Will from his connection to the Mind Flayer.

It also doesn’t hurt that she’s incredibly smart as well. She has been shown to have a high GPA, studies religiously for school (until she meets Steve), and uses her brain and her strength to help defeat the Demogorgon.

She used Jonathan and her blood to lure out the Demogorgon for goodness sake! Do you all remember this? She’s clearly willing to go above and beyond to help people and it’s easy to imagine her doing that as a journalist too.

She could take all these skills to reveal the more “benign” secrets of corrupt politicians, greedy corporations, and people who seem to get away with crimes for decades.  It’s not uncovering a supernatural monster, but it would still be important work for her nonetheless.

After fighting a huge monster, who would she be afraid of? No one could threaten her with anything that would frighten her enough to stop her from telling the truth. Because of all this, Nancy would make an amazing journalist.