Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Mike: Head of a Non-Profit

With his optimistic and compassionate nature, Mike would be the perfect person to open a non-profit or a charity helping people in need. From the first season, we see him almost immediately take in Eleven when it becomes clear she has nowhere else to go. He doesn’t ask questions, he immediately goes into caregiver mode.

He does the same for Will when he goes missing. As soon as they can’t find him, Mike gets his friends together to do something about it. That’s perfect for the head of a non-profit. While talk is good, the action is what makes things happen and that’s what Mike is all about.

He doesn’t dither. He makes a plan, looks at all the obstacles, and does what he needs to do. When you’re trying to make a difference in the world or just in one person’s life, action is the way to make the most impact.

When Mike is told to sit and wait for help, he finds is very difficult. He always wants to be doing something himself, whether it be fighting off a Demogorgon or simply helping out his friends.

But what would be his non-profit? He could start one to help people like Eleven assimilate into the world so they wouldn’t fear their environment and the powers they have.

He could start a science scholarship program for kids like himself who are naturally curious so they can get into a good school for free.

He could even start a home for kids who just don’t feel like they belong.

While he’s not always so inclusive (he wasn’t with Max), through Eleven he has shown that he can be incredibly accepting of all kinds of people and is willing to help just about anyone.

Even with Max, once she proved she was with the group no matter what, Mike accepted her and became her friend.