Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Stranger Things – Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /

Barb: Psychologist

If Barb would have lived (RIP Barb), she would have been a great psychologist.

She was the first to suspect something shady with Steve and his friends and she wasn’t afraid to call out Nancy on abandoning her after she made her come to the party. She lets her friend know she doesn’t seem to be acting like herself, but unfortunately, isn’t taken seriously when she should have been.

While Steve eventually turns out to be a good guy, the other people at that party do not. Barb clearly is able to see through the facade most people put up and get to what their real intentions are. She would be able to help her patients get to the root of their problems and get past whatever was in their way.

We may not have known Barb long, but through the short time she was on the show, it’s obvious she is kind, considerate, a good friend, and someone who is willing to listen. Perfect traits for a psychologist. People coming to see her would feel comfortable opening up to her about their deepest secrets or their worse traumas without feeling like they were being judged.

Barb is also very accepting and caring. Not many people would wait for their friend while she was hooking up with her boyfriend upstairs. Barb wanted to ensure Nancy was safe and accepted her fate of waiting alone by the pool until she knew for sure her best friend was okay.

Barb would have been a great character to see more of. Maybe we’ll get some flashbacks in season 3.