Stranger Things: What the kids of Hawkins will be when they grow up

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Stranger Things 3 - Game of Thrones
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It looks like the kids of Stranger Things are beginning to grow up in Stranger Things 3. But what will the kids from Hawkins be when they’re adults?

Stranger Things 3 is almost here! The July 4 release date is rapidly approaching and we’ll soon see the kids fighting monsters while trying to figure out what it means to grow up.

But when they go to decide what they want to become? What will they end up doing? After fighting the Demogorgon and then the Mind Flayer, can any career really beat that?

Based on what we know of them from the past two seasons, they do have interests that could lead to exciting careers they’d be interested in. From past episodes, we know Will loves to draw, Jonathan is interested in photography, and Billy…. well, we’ll get to Billy.

They can take these hobbies and interests and turn them into  careers and lives as they grow into adulthood. One day, hopefully, the monsters will all be defeated and they’re going to have to find out who they are outside of fighting for their lives. Will they leave Hawkins to become rich and famous, or will they stay and build their lives around the place they know so well?

We probably won’t get to see this portion of these character’s lives on the show (do we really want to see season 10?), but we can predict based on what we’ve learned what they might like to go into.

Here are a few ideas of what the kids from Stranger Things could become when they grow up.