10 canceled Netflix shows that fans loved

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Travelers Season 4
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Netflix canceled Travelers earlier this year after the show’s third season. The series started as a co-production at Netflix and Showcase in Canada, and it was also a co-production through season 2. Netflix, then, picked up the time travel series for season 3 without Showcase involved.

The show told the story of a group of time travelers who have to travel through time to stop certain events and keep the world turning, basically. It was a really interesting series.

The series wasn’t super popular at Netflix, but it did fill a much-needed void in the sci-fi genre for Netflix, and the show had a passionate fanbase. Usually, Netflix gets behind shows with passionate fanbases, and that’s probably why this show lasted as long as it did on Netflix.

It’s interesting that Netflix canceled this show after season 3, the first Netflix original season for the show. You’d think Netflix would want to keep the show going for at least few more seasons, but obviously, that didn’t happen.

There’s been a shift in Netflix’s strategy, and they have stopped renewing shows for four and five seasons. The reasoning here is that it might not be a good investment for them because those who haven’t watched a series aren’t going to start one when they’re already so many seasons behind. Along with the low ratings and buzz, this could be a reason why Travelers was canceled at the streaming service.