10 canceled Netflix shows that fans loved

Santa Clarita Diet - Credit: Netflix
Santa Clarita Diet - Credit: Netflix /
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Marvel’s Daredevil – Patrick Habron/ Netflix
Marvel’s Daredevil – Patrick Habron/ Netflix /

Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and The Punisher

Netflix started canceling their Netflix-Marvel shows this fall, and it’s no surprise that they wiped out all five good shows, including fan favorite Marvel’s Daredevil, which had its third season released this fall.

Daredevil was the most shocking cancellation of the bunch. Netflix never shared the viewership numbers for Daredevil, but independent trackers claimed the show was one of Netflix’s most popular shows. That makes it really surprising that this show ended after season 3.

The other Netflix-Marvel shows ending was less surprising. Luke Cage was excellent, but it struggled in season 2 a bit. The Punisher was great and could have continued. Iron Fist never connected with audiences, and Jessica Jones, while it had a great first season, also struggled in season 2. On top of it all, The Defenders didn’t really bring it all together as we all hoped.

While it’s bummer all these shows are ending, Jessica Jones was at least able to bow out with a final season and offer some conclusion. None of the other shows really had that opportunity.

There were many other factors at play with the Netflix-Marvel shows ending. There were rumors that Netflix was forced to pay for all the production costs moving forward. Disney, which owns Marvel, is starting Disney Plus, a new streaming service, to take on Netflix, and they have become the majority owner in Hulu.

So, there’s a lot of other stuff involved with the decision to cancel these shows. It doesn’t make it any less unfortunate.