30 best Netflix Shows set outside the US

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Photo credit: The Crown/Netflix/Alex Bailey. Acquired from Netflix Media Center /
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After Life season 2 - Ricky Gervais
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23. After Life

The Ricky Gervais led black comedy is more of the same for his style but with a more serious tone than fans are used to. Gervais wrote, directed, and stars in the series playing a man who recently lost his wife to an illness and is facing the hopelessness of life after his life was taken from him.

Tony (Gervais) uses his newfound nihilism as a superpower in bluntly talking to coworkers and strangers with an edge of comedy but also a serious attitude problem. His interactions with the world allow him to riff on the cultural niceties everyone adheres to while his desire to be seen as a nice person fades away.

Gervais has always come across as an edgy and dark-minded comic. His stand up or hosting gigs allow him to let loose on his best comedy, making fun of people. In a show about death and grief, his personality creates a level of sympathy for him because his pain is so obvious that he almost can’t be faulted.

Additionally, the show uses the setting of an English town where most people are walking and visiting pubs. Cobblestones and markets are not commonplace for Americans since large portions of the population live in areas where driving a car every day, multiple times is a necessity. IT really adds the level of intimacy needed for this personal journey of grief.

Not to mention, Tony has a very good dog who frequently gets to go on walks and makes adorable head gestures. Outside of the comedy and emotional aspects, the dog scenes are enough to recommend it to the Netflix audience. Look for season 2 coming in the next year.