30 best Netflix Shows set outside the US

Photo credit: The Crown/Netflix/Alex Bailey. Acquired from Netflix Media Center
Photo credit: The Crown/Netflix/Alex Bailey. Acquired from Netflix Media Center /
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The Innocents
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24. The Innocents

When two teenagers attempt to escape their families, they discover that one of them has supernatural abilities. Obviously, this attracts more attention, most notably from a scientist who wishes to unlock the key to her power. Supernatural elements are always a hit with the younger Netflix audience and remain a genre that always seems to have a new show every few months.

The CW Network capitalized on this trend long ago with long-running Supernatural and a plethora of other shows. Many of those CW shows are on Netflix which brings the easy crossover for most fans.

These type of British shows are always going to split audiences in some fashion as the young adult genre is routinely reviewed by an older critic crowd. Which, to be fair, seems misguided as the show isn’t aiming at their brains. Granted, a critic should show unbiased reviews towards content, but that’s nearly impossible to eliminate for anyone. However, the visuals and a surprising role for Guy Pearce give The Innocents desirability to watch.

This show is set, once again, primarily in England, but also features a few visits to Norway. Netflix seems to be consistently using Norway for its filming locations and settings for these non-U.S. series. Regardless of where the show is set, the atmosphere of the show is an eerie and sometimes spooky visual which supernatural shows or movies have always capitalized on historical locations in Europe.

The Innocents found success with audiences and was renewed for a second season earlier this year. Look for this show to stick around for the third season and face the possibility of entering into a new contract for additional seasons.