30 best Netflix Shows set outside the US

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Photo credit: The Crown/Netflix/Alex Bailey. Acquired from Netflix Media Center /
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Travelers Season 4
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26. Travelers

Although the northern neighbors to the U.S. are similar in so many ways, it’s still a foreign location for any American. Mostly since the culture is strikingly different in many aspects which includes the type of stories that are told in movies or television shows. The familiarity and slight differences add that intrigue for American audiences.

Travelers is a science fiction show about post-apocalypse society. The group of travelers has their consciousness transferred to a past “host body” in an effort to minimize the impact on their current timelines. The catch is that the travelers must transfer at an exact time and location moments before the host body’s death. After the successful transfer, they must continue the host’s lives as cover and basically take over their life.

The travelers must abide by a list of rules that add to the world building of this secret agency and also helps audiences to follow the sometimes complicated premise. This show sports a healthy following and shocked at the moment with the recent cancellation announcement.

The hope is, that this show will get picked up by another network, but this is unlikely as Netflix owns the rights. The story of this year has been the unexpected cancellations of many popular shows without any finale or sendoff episode. Hopefully, this show, among others, can find new homes elsewhere.