30 best Netflix Shows set outside the US

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Photo credit: The Crown/Netflix/Alex Bailey. Acquired from Netflix Media Center /
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4. Dark

A small German town, Winden, is hit by a series of disappearing children. These events bring to light the lies that have been told among and between four families spread out through the town.

The mystery spans over three decades and revolves around the local nuclear power plant that has a secret tunnel system under it containing a method of time travel. A few characters discover this tunnel and end up traveling back to 1986 and 1953, depending on who is traveling. Certain members of each family commit actions to attempt to prevent or alter their timeline but only begin to unwind the fabric of time.

The widespread description of this show was a German Stranger Things, as the majority of the cast are younger adults and children. The similarities really end with the supernatural aspects though, Dark looks a bit farther at the relationships between characters and their respective families. Once some of the characters begin traveling back in time, they start to see some of the lies they believe that were perpetrated by their parents or grandparents.

Dark is a German show and requires subtitles of the English dubbed version for American audiences to enjoy. The show was renewed for its third season recently ahead of its second season premiere. This could easily be a long-running show on Netflix with its twists and turns revealing each bit of time travel and its many rules.