30 best Netflix Shows set outside the US

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14. Sex Education

A repetitive commentary about Netflix is the targeting of younger audiences. This isn’t any sort of commentary, but an interesting note on how they handle creating content for the younger, adult viewers.

Sex Education offers an explicit view of the world of experiencing sexual situations as well as how to navigate the social world of high school. The story follows Otis Milburn whose mother is a well-known sex therapist and her occupation is an inciting incident with Otis’s bully. He eventually helps a few kids at school with their sexual anxieties or hangups and develops a relationship with Maeve who he has feelings for.

Everyone experiences some confusing or embarrassing moments during their puberty years. Some of those adults are parents to young adults about to experience a similar time as well. Netflix recognizes this and knows to cater to each viewer.

This series is set in England, and while the growing up experience isn’t necessarily different from culture to culture, there are some vast differences. American cultures are seemingly more repressed and hidden with the discussion of sex, but other cultures are in some ways more open about the discussion. Yet, the same embarrassment and confusion occur regardless of the approach.

Sex Education is wildly successful and was reportedly viewed by over 40 million users in its first month on Netflix. Obviously, the show is returning for a second season, and likely a few more afterward.