30 best Netflix Shows set outside the US

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Photo credit: The Crown/Netflix/Alex Bailey. Acquired from Netflix Media Center /
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Netflix, Norsemen
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17. Norsemen

Fans of Vikings may find themselves addicted to this show. A comedy based on the lives of Vikings is a hidden gem in the hours and hours of content streaming on Netflix.

Norsemen is a Norwegian comedy series set around a small clan of Vikings and their lives. The characters deal with their daily conflicts with varying degrees of hilarity as well as some seriousness. The town has a level of politics in how the leadership runs their lives but also how they deal with nearby towns too.

The simple premise of taking an ultimately serious tone set by shows like Vikings, The Last Kingdom, or Game of Thrones and finding the hypocrisy and humor in those moments is dry at times, but also slapstick at others.

In addition to the daily lives made to be funny, the show still finds ways to show explicit violence and a few moments of emotional levity. Granted, these are done with a level of humor as well, but the range of the show surprises after seeing someone crushed by an anti-theft boulder.

Many of these foreign series are secret finds in the Netflix library, mostly because there’s just so much to scroll through. However, when these titles are found and can be highlighted, they shine in the light. Norsemen is no different. It’s not a top-notch Emmy winning show, but it has amazing scenery and great comedy components that truly make it rewatchable.