30 best Netflix Shows set outside the US

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Photo credit: The Crown/Netflix/Alex Bailey. Acquired from Netflix Media Center /
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22. A Very Secret Service

The first foreign language series on this list is a French comedy-drama centered around a Cold-War era French Secret Service. Following Andre Merlaux, played by Hugo Becker of Gossip Girl fame, the show dives into the 1950s and 60s time period of French culture. Everything ranging from African colonies battling for independence to the rising feminism movement, Andre humorously navigates his way through espionage.

As with many foreign comedies, the humor is challenging at times but also easy to relate to, granted audiences have seen relatable content. These aren’t direct comparisons, but properties like The Pink Panther or James Bond match up stylistically with their wit and humor. However, with the male-centric time period shown here, the laughably dim-witted misogynistic views are on full blast here. The show handles the irony well and makes a point to show how stupid the idea is.

While foreign language content is a hard sell in our dual screen culture, it’s best to watch these programs with English subtitles. This way the acting and voice match up better to deliver the more powerful line reads. Not that the dubbing over with English-speaking voice actors isn’t good as well, it just misses occasionally on the timing. Also, subtitles give viewers a reason to pay attention to the show, everyone is guilty of scrolling through their phone or tablets while background noise is on.

A Very Secret Service has two seasons on Netflix currently and there hasn’t been any announcement of its future.