Jessica Jones season 3: What are Trish Walker’s powers as Hellcat?

Trish Walker aka Hellcat on Netflix's Jessica Jones season 3, via Media Center
Trish Walker aka Hellcat on Netflix's Jessica Jones season 3, via Media Center /

Trish Walker makes her debut as Hellcat in Jessica Jones season 3, but what exactly are her superpowers?

In the final moments of Jessica Jones season 2, Trish Walker gaining superpower abilities is heavily teased. Jessica’s former bestie is shocked when she catches her phone with her feet. Quick reflexes or something more? Season 3 answers that rather quickly, but what can Hellcat do, exactly?

The third and regrettably final season of Jessica Jones, puts Trish’s powers in full display. In the first episode of season 3, we see Trish holding her own in a fight. She appears to be hiding her face with a beanie and scarf and she’s a great fighter.

Episode 2 gives us a better look at Trish’s abilities as Hellcat – and even a look at her costume from the comics. The episode picks up where we last see her, leaving Jessica’s apartment. Once she steps out of the building in the middle of the night, everything around her clears up. Ability to see in the dark? Check!

Hellcat can also run up walls, fight, kick, and she always lands on her feet. I’m sorry, but are these truly “super” powers? With massive training, we can all do the same wall, kick, and fight stunts as Trish.

Sure, she can see in the dark and when I say she lands on her feet, I mean you can throw her off of a building and she’ll be just fine, but it doesn’t compare to other supers we’ve seen in the Netflix-Marvel Universe, or the MCU. I suppose they can’t all be awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Trish Walker as much as all fans of the series do, but can I just say I was expecting more? Press only received the first eight episodes of Jessica Jones, though, so I’ve yet to watch the final five. Maybe she’ll surprise viewers towards the end! Still, the Hellcat from the comics seems so much cooler.

In the comics, Hellcat is able to use force fields and even summon her costume. She has incredible senses, retractable claws and grappling hooks on her wrists. Hellcat is also very skilled in martial arts, taught by none other than Captain America.

What do you think of Trish’s new “abilities”? Were you also hoping to see something closer to her comic book origins? Do you think the final episodes will see Hellcat grow stronger?

Jessica Jones season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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