Why fans shouldn’t petition for Netflix to renew Lucifer for season 6

LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

It was a bittersweet moment learning Netflix had renewed Lucifer for season 5, but that it would be its last. Here’s why fans shouldn’t petition for a season 6 renewal.

Admittedly, I was one of the first to write about how Netflix needs to give Lucifer a sixth season. In order to wrap up every character’s story and give us Deckerstar for at least a few episodes, a season 6 just seems right. However, we need to trust the cast and crew a little more here.

For starters, this wouldn’t even be up for discussion if it wasn’t for Netflix. After Fox abruptly canceled Lucifer, the streaming giant swooped in and saved the day. If not for Netflix, Lucifer would have become just another canceled series with many loose ends and no closure.

Instead, the streaming network helped prove just what a large fan base Lucifer has behind it. For five consecutive weeks, Lucifer has been the most binged-watched series on Netflix – a record that isn’t easily achieved. Will the series take the crown for the sixth week? How perfect would that be? Let’s get to re-watching!

Just earlier this week, it surfaced that many Lucifans started a petition asking Netflix to renew the show for a season 6. I understand the passion, I do! And I would love a season 6 (and 7 and 8), but this wasn’t simply Netflix’s decision alone.


Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson took to Twitter to express his gratitude for Lucifans’ outpouring support but explains that he is happy with the decision.

Not many shows nowadays have the luxury of being renewed for an official final season. This gives every character and storyline the chance for their arc to be stitched together perfectly. Not to mention, how many series do we know of that go over five seasons and are still great?

Even before spotting Henderson’s tweet, Lucifer fan accounts reacted the same way, thankful and looking forward to what the final season has in store.

Most shows lose power after five or six seasons. Take a look at Smallville, The Vampire DiariesDexter, How I Met Your Mother, even the final seasons of The Office weren’t as fun as the first bunch. Do we truly want Lucifer to become another series with a story that drags on just for the sake of it? I’d rather Lucifer get an amazing finale and be remembered as one of the greats!

All four seasons of the series are streaming on Netflix. No season 5 release date has been announced just yet.

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