Stranger Things 3 brings the fun and horror, according to Finn Wolfhard

STRANGER THINGS 3 - Credit: Netflix
STRANGER THINGS 3 - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things 3 features a good mix of fun and horror, according to Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard in a recent interview with Empire.

If you liked the first two seasons of Stranger Things, you’re bound to fall in love with Stranger Things 3. According to a report from Empire, Finn Wolfhard, who stars as Mike in the Netflix original series, teased the season as “everything” and explained how the third season brings the elements of the first two seasons together.

As Wolfhard mentions in the interview, the first season had a very fun, playful aspect to it. Of course, the audience was captivated by our heroes trying to find their friend, but it felt fun and light-hearted at times.

In the second season, the show takes a much darker turn. There are still moments of fun, but there aren’t as many as season 1. Most of the season, Will is being tortured much worse than he was in the first season, and the scale of the violence and death is much greater.

Here is Wolfhard’s comment, via Empire:

"“The first season was more about the adventure aspect and kind of fun, the second season was more about the horror aspect,” says Finn Wolfhard, “season three is everything, like the fun of season one and the horror of season two and the Duffers have got better at it, at writing it. And we’ve become better actors.”"

In Stranger Things 3, it sounds like they are leaning into the fun aspects of the show. This is the first time we’ll really see the whole party (Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven and Max) hanging out together. Those interactions should be really fun.

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On the other hand, Stranger Things 3, from the trailer and teasers, looks like it will be even darker, which will ramp up the horror elements of the series.

I like what Wolfhard is hinting at here, and I think it makes a lot of sense. As the Duffer Brothers and the writers learn more about this world and these characters and see what connects with the audience, they can adjust the story and happenings of the season accordingly. There’s a big enough gap between seasons that they can take the time to re-evaluate the plan and change things as they need. That lends itself to a more cohesive product and something the fans will enjoy.

Wolfhard nailed what people love about this series, too. That mix of good and bad, fun and horror in this series is really cool. These kids are growing up in the extraordinary, and while we want to see them enjoying their youth, we also want to see them fighting monsters. It’s this weird, push-pull relationship the audience has with these characters, and there’s definitely a good mix of fun and horror in this series.

I think Stranger Things does it better than any other show on TV. The writers have found a way to make the audience care about and connect with the individual characters, and that investment only helps the show pull off the horror elements that much better.

Stranger Things 3 premieres on Netflix on July 4, 2019!

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