25 best Netflix shows coming in the second half of 2019

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Disenchantment Part 2
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18. Disenchantment Part 2

Release Date: Sept. 20, 2019

The second part of Matt Groening’s Disenchantment will also be heading to Netflix in the second half of the year. And we shouldn’t have too long a wait either. Disenchantment Part 2 is coming to Netflix on Sept. 20.

To give a quick recap, season 1 left a lot of story details wide open. The finale ended on a huge cliffhanger the put everyone’s lives in question. Bean was taken to an unknown land by her mother, Luci was attacked by an unknown person, Elfo’s corpse was taken by mermaids, and Dreamland’s population was all frozen in stone!

What will happen to Elfo’s body or will he be revived, who kidnapped Luci, and where is Bean going?

All of these issues will have to be addressed pretty quickly. You can’t exactly have a show when Dreamland is frozen, right?

And there is the bigger question of just how important Bean is to the war that’s been going on for centuries and how her magical powers will play into that. As with most Netflix shows, there have been very few leaks about what part 2 will bring. We’ll all have to wait for this summer to see what adventures Bean ends up on.

One thing we do know is that the same voice actors will be coming back for part 2 including Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, Nat Faxon, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, and David Herman.

If you haven’t watched this series, now is definitely the time to catch up before the next part hits the streaming service.