25 best Netflix shows coming in the second half of 2019

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22. You season 2

The first season of You ended on a huge twist. Candace, Joe’s ex, who was thought to be dead, turned up in his bookstore to confront him. The show made it look like Joe had murdered her but that turned out not to be the case.

If you’ve read the book, a different woman walks into the store, but the creators of the show mentioned that they wanted to take a different path and make the ending a surprise for everyone.

But if we continue to go by what the books by Caroline Kepnes say, the second season will move from New York to Los Angeles, and Joe will develop a new obsession. That person will be named Love Quinn. She is an aspiring chef who isn’t on social media, so Joe can’t stalk her the way he did before.

Don’t look too closely at the books though. The creator of the show has said that while they will try to stay close to the original story, they will stray in certain places too. Don’t be surprised if the ending isn’t what you expect this season either.

It’s unclear how season 2 will play out, but it is clear that Joe’s past will definitely play a role, as will Candace. If she’s not dead, she is certainly going to want to know what his deal is. There is also the Peach family and their private investigator to consider.

There isn’t a set released date yet, but since it was renewed to Netflix in July 2018,  it could be coming to Netflix later this summer.