25 best Netflix shows coming in the second half of 2019

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The Crown season 3 - Netflix
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2. The Crown season 3

Fans of The Crown have been waiting almost two years for the third season to hit Netflix, and now they don’t have to wait too much longer. With the first and second seasons coming out in November 2016 and December 2017, respectively, it looks like the third season will be coming out close to the end of this year as well.

The third season might be even more anticipated than the first two because of the switch in the cast. Since the show covers the Royal family’s lives, the show chose to change the cast to reflect their age.

Queen Elizabeth II will now be played by Olivia Colman. Outlander’s Tobias Menzies is taking over the role of Prince Phillip from Matt Smith, and Helena Bonham Carter will play Princess Margaret. We’ll all have to wait for season 4 to see Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher and the arrival of Princess Diana.

Season 3 will cover 1964 to 1976. While little has been revealed, history tells us the Elizabeth will be creating the strongest relationship she’s had with a Prime Minister in Harold Wilson. Harold Wilson was the head of the British government during this period in time and with how close they were, there is no doubt, their relationship will be played out on-screen.

It has also been revealed by Tobias Menzies, that the show will look into the 1969 moon landing and Prince Phillip’s reactions to it. Additionally, it was announced that Camilla Parker-Bowles will be introduced this season.

Beyond that, the decolonization of Africa, the birth of Prince Edward, and Prince Charles’s coronation in 1969 at the Prince of Wales will most likely be covered.

Any other drama that might come into play is anyone’s guess. It will definitely be a must-watch, so if you haven’t been watching the show, now is the perfect time to catch up!