25 best Netflix shows coming in the second half of 2019

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Big Mouth season 3
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17. Big Mouth season 3

Everyone’s favorite curious kids will be back for another season later this year. Big Mouth season 3 doesn’t have a set release date yet, but since the first two seasons came out in the early fall, look out for the new season to hit Netflix around September or October.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything official about what will happen in season 3 either but based on the end of season 2, we can infer a couple of things, especially about Nick.

At the end of season 2, Nick needed a new hormone monster and ended up with Connie the Hormone Monstress. This may seem great but according to some fans, it might not be as great as you think. Connie was not the best influence in season 1. She convinced Jessi to shoplift and that could mean she leads Nick down a wrong path as well.

But, with the new hormone monster, Nick could finally begin puberty the “right” way. He was feeling left behind when Andre started to grow taller and more sexually aware, so perhaps he will finally get his chance with this new monster.

And fans will also get to see how Nick responds to having a female hormone monster. Maybe he will avoid the toxic masculinity that can be introduced so often during puberty. Based on his own father being so well-adjusted, Nick definitely has a chance.

Jessi is another character to watch out for in season 3. She recently escaped the Depression Kitty by going to therapy but depression doesn’t go away that easily. The new season will explore her mental health more and how that affects her everyday life.